X Mahan Nah

Several years ago the government built little rooms in a number of our yards. These rooms are made out of cement block and are designed to protect us in case of a hurricane. The rooms are nice, clean and comfortable, with windows, front and back doors, and each has a fully functional bathroom.

Some of the ladies of the community decided it would be a good idea to start a little “revolving apartment rental” using these rooms. In this way anyone who wished to be a guest in the village could have a clean, comfortable place to stay. The rooms are rented out on a rotating basis, so each member of the community who chooses to participate has a chance to earn some much appreciated cash.

We call this program Xmahannah. This is the name of a very large and beautiful butterfly. In Spanish it’s called La Prestacasas, or the House Borrower. It’s name comes from the fact that it announces when rain is coming by flying inside our homes just before the drops start to fall. In that way it keeps its lovely wings dry and can safely fly away again when the shower is over.

We are including the rules for renting a Xmahannah room here on the website. If you are planning a visit, bring them with you. Reservations are not really needed because there are a number of rooms to rent. Just come to the village, ask for a village authority, and show them the papers you have printed out or ask for a Xmahannah room.

Since the rooms are about $5.00 a day, and since Chichén Itzá is so close, this would be a great chance to spend the night or a few days in an authentic Maya community. Or you could plan to come for a number of days and volunteer in the Community Center maybe teaching English as a Second Language-type classes, or computer skills to the young people. See website for more specific information about volunteering. You will be made welcome and have a life-changing experience.

X Mahan Nah Rental Rules

Please feel free to contact us with questions about visiting Yaxunah: