The Green Village

Yaxunah wants to live up to its name. In the Yucatec Mayan language, ya’ax means green and nah means house. It’s possible that in ancient times the name of the village referred to “the place of the green house.” Today we are also interested in another type of green – in recycling and in learning to respect our environment and to use it sustainably. So the idea of a green village seems natural to us. We’re literally making this idea come true. Over the New Year (2010-2011) weekend Yaxunah had a visit from a group of alumni of the Houston, Texas-based US organization, Amigos de las Américas. They were on a tour of archaeological and historical sites in the State of Yucatán, and chose our village for a day of community service. With their help we started to realize our goal of “PAINTING THE TOWN GREEN.” It makes our community unique, and the charm it lends means it’s worth a visit to the village.
Since that time other volunteers have come to help us continue with our GREEN project.
We can help arrange a tour in the State of Yucatán and a service day in Yaxunah for your family or group, too. Come participate with us.