The Cultural Interpretive Center (museum) is the pride and joy of the village. It was a long time in the planning. We wanted to explain some of our culture to the rest of the world. We have included our understanding of things found and the events that occurred at the Yaxunah archaeological site in the ancient past. We also wanted to show everyone about some of the rituals practiced here in the community that are important to many of us.

Many people contributed to the museum. Villagers donated artifacts that were used by family members in the past. Volunteers came from other countries to help create the sets. Famous Yucatán artists helped create the scenes and taught our young people how to build new ones for the future. All of these contributions have made our museum special and well worth a trip to Yaxunah to see. Please include us in your vacation plans, and you will get a guided tour through our history and culture you will not forget.