Language Classes


The first language classes taught at the Community Cultural Center were Mayan classes. We don’t have an opportunity to learn to read and write it in school, even though it is our native language, and we all speak it. We were able to get a professor to come to the community and teach us. Twenty four of us earned a certificate of completion from the Autonomous University of México (UNAM).

Because we often need to go to work outside the village in the tourist industry, to sell our crafts to tourists, or welcome them into our community, a knowledge of English is very useful in helping us compete for our livelihood. These photos show some of our young people who have successfully completed a two-week course of study in English. English classes are ongoing in the village. Come and help us with language skills. We would especially like to invite ESL teachers to vacation with us and share their skills.

Our goal is to help anyone in the village who wants to learn English. We are also focusing efforts on a few young people so they can take English proficiency tests and become teachers themselves one day.