Celebration Opening the Community Center

After many years of talking about a Community Center and a Historical and Cultural Interpretative Center, and after five years of planning and construction, we were able to bring our dream to reality and celebrate the Center’s opening on October 16, 1210. It’s a day most of us will never forget. We partied all day long. Everybody got involved. We had visitors from Mérida – from the press, schools and universities, state agencies, non-profit organizations, neighboring communities, and others. The Presidenta of our county (municipal district), Lorena Isabel Ávila Euán, officially opened the proceedings. She brought the folklore ballet with her as a gift to us. There were so many people visiting the Center, they literally had to dance in the street. It was wonderful. Children of every age presented a dramatic vignette or a dance routine. One of our town fathers told a traditional folktale in Maya. Dignitaries made speeches, and lots of people got together to prepare traditional food for everyone. Hundreds of folks danced, sang, toured the museum and the gardens, enjoyed the festivities and ate their fill. It will be awhile until we see such a special celebration again.

Come and see the Community Center and the Historical and Cultural Interpretative Center of Yaxunah. You will see why we had something special to celebrate.